Outreach Program

“Riders on the Orphan Train”

Since our grand opening in 2007, we have been the first museum and research center for the Orphan Train riders in the United States. Concordia, Kansas, although geographically central, is not easily accessible to many. In December of 2010, our board of directors previewed a multi-media program, Riders on the Orphan Train, by award-winning novelist Alison Moore and internationally-touring photo_tracksmusician Phil Lancaster and funded a public presentation in June, 2011, at our Annual Celebration. Due to the extremely positive audience reaction, we felt it was ideally suited for our purposes because it appeals to general audiences of all ages. We awarded Alison Moore and Phil Lancaster the Charles Loring Brace Award in 2012 and the Sister Irene Fitzgibbons Award in 2013 in recognition of their contribution to helping preserve the stories of the Orphan Train Movement.

The multi-media program combines live music, video montage with archival photographs and interviews with survivors and a dramatic reading from Alison’s new historical novel “Riders on the Orphan Train.” The presentation includes in informal discussion of the Orphan Train Movement and Q&A with the audience. Quite often, family members of Riders come to these presentations to share their stories.  479057_409685782392592_1510011633_o

To book “Riders on the Orphan Train” contact:

Alison Moore

Phil Lancaster