National Orphan Train Complex Items

Orphan Train Rider Volumes 1-6NOTC 6 rider volumes

These six books contain stories about individual Orphan Train Riders, as recounted by the riders themselves and their descendants. Many of the stories include pictures. These books may be purchased individually for $22 or the entire collection for $100.


Orphan Train Rider CookbookNOTC cookbook

This collection of recipes was assembled by the Orphan Train Rider Heritage Society of America, and includes contribution from Orphan Train Riders as well as their descendants! $10



NOTC NOTC notecardsNotecards

These notecards include photos of Orphan Train Riders, from the collection of placing agent, Anna Laura Hill. $1 each or a bundle of 8 for $7.



2007 Grand Opening Booklet

Contains information on the National Orphan Train Complex, the 2007 Grand Opening Celebration and much more.