Wilson County Citizen Kansas

June 2, 1916

Orphan Children Find Homes
New York Youngsters Have Joined a Dozen Families — Two Are Left

The Children’s Aid Society of New York brought fifteen children to Fredonia Friday under the care of Miss Anna Hill and a number of the youngsters have already been given homes by people in the county.  Each family which took a child can not adopt the little person for at least a year, and at no time is adoption required, the children being removed upon notification of the family given to the Society.  Occasionally a representative of the Society will visit the section to see that the youngsters are being treated properly.

Blanche Clymer, aged six has been taken by L.A. Snyder, of Fredonia.

Edna Finly, two and one half years of age, has been given a home by Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Kikesell, of Fredonia.

Elsie Turner, four years of age, has entered the family of T.R. Minton, of this city.

Sadie Smith, thirteen, was taken by Carl Charlen, of this city.

Edwin Smith, age fifteen, is under the care of Frank C. Monroe of Fredonia.

Peter Conklin, aged seven, is being cared for by Cal M. Nabour, who lives near Elk City.

Paul Richards, twelve, is with W.A. Wheeler of Fredonia.

Herbert Vaufe, twelve, is with J.W. Browning of Neodesha.

Mary Turner, four years of age, is with the family of Jerry Myers.

Two other children, Elsie Turner, four, and Evelyn Holbrook, fifteen, are as yet unplaced.  Persons interested may see Miss Hill who is in charge of the party, at the Loether.

Not All Had Happy Endings

Little Helen Irene Leschander, aged four years, one of the orphans brought to Fredonia by the Children’s Aid Society, of New York, last week died at the Loether Hotel yesterday morning, after a few days illness, acute laryngitis being the contributing cause of the child’s death.  The funeral was held yesterday afternoon, Rev. John Carretson of the Presbyterian Church officiating.

The little girl was unusually bright and beautiful child and had she lived she would have been adopted by Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Piepmeyer, who have been greatly interested in the little girl since the party arrived in Fredonia.

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