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Deserted in Subway
Miss Subways

Transit Patolman Brony Dounoroick makes ready to feed baby girl found abandoned in subway train.  The tot, about a month old, was found on the Independent Culver Line train in Brooklyn.  Authorities believe the youngster’s mother left her on train Lit Coney Island.

Warmly clad and equipped with a bottle of milk, a month old blue-eyed, brown-haired baby girl was abandoned shortly before 1pm yesterday in an IND Culver Line train in Brooklyn

The train, bound for Manhattan, was between the Avenue P and Avenue N stations when passengers in the first car heard the infant wailing.  The motorman was notified, and he turned the infant over to police.

Carried Suitcase

Authorities were told that a pretty young woman of about 20, carrying a suitcase, had entered the train at the Coney Island terminus and left at the Van Siclcen St. Station, four stations before Avenue P.  Presumably, she had carried the child into the train in the suitcase.  Fellow passangers said the young woman was hatless, brown-haired and wore a short red jacket over a blue dress.

Warmly wrapped

The child was dressed in a pink wool sleeper and sweater, and was wrapped in a pink, white-striped blanket covered by a red, white, and blue-plaid outer blanket.  She was in good health.

From the Parkville police station, the infant was taken to the Foundling Hospital, 178 E. 68th St.

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