Princeton Telegraph

Mercer Co., MO
Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1906

Twelve Orphan Children Brought to Princeton Thursday
Great Work of Children’s Aid Society

Out of the twelve orphan children brought to this city last Thursday morning, ten of them have been placed in good comfortable homes in Princeton and Mercer County.  The children were in charge of J.W. Swan of Lincoln, Nebraska; H.D. Clark of Dodge City, Minnesota and Miss Anna Hill of Elmira, New York, all of who represent the Children Aid Society of New York, whose only object is to care for homeless children and assist homeless women in securing employment.  Since the establishment of this society 53 years ago, 24,000 children have been placed in homes, and many have become prominent men and women.  The Society, whose home is New York City, was first started by a congregational minister who had in view the reform of the criminal classes and he early came to the conclusion that that end could best be accomplished by placing the children of the poorer classes in the cities in homes where they would be surrounded by a clean, wholesome, and moral atmosphere.  The Society always keeps in touch with each child so placed out.  Only people of excelletn character, and who agree to give the children good homes and educated them, can secure a child from the Society.  After being assigned a home the children are, within a few days visited by the representative of the Society and if everything is satisfactory to all concerned, the contracts are made out.  If not satisfactory the children are returned to the care of the Society.

The meetings last Thursday were held at the opera house, and at both times the building was packed to the doors.  A committee of citizens was appointed to assist the managers and was composed of Messrs. Wm. Gentry, E.E. Clemetns, E.R. Casteel, M.F. Robinson, T.S. Ballew, H.C. Bowsher, Schuyler King, J.C. Lomax, and L.B. Woods.  All applicants for the children were judged by the committee.

The children were placed as follows:

Clara Schmidt, seven years old, S.C. Linn

Edwin Larson, seven years old, Mrs. Jane Ballew

Beatrice Chadmck, seven years old, M.F. Robinson

Isadore Ethel Doyle, ten years old, Joseph V. George

James Doyle, seven years old, brother of Ethel, John L. Powell

Florence Kuhnis, seven years old, Robert Hifterbrawn

John Kruper, a bright little boy four years old, Schuyler King

Carl Larson, five years old, brother of Edwin, Tillman Stanley

Arthur Larson, ? years old, brother of Edwin & Carl, Warren Van Vactor

Alice May Robinson, seven years old was assigned to a family in Stanberry

This left only two children not placed, although several applications had been received for them.

They were Bertha Buchman, nine years old and Leo Bruning, five years old.  The latter was sick while here.  Neither will be placed for a few days.

All of the children were neatly dressed and looked as thought hey were well cared for.  Their appearance was very favorable and appealed strongly to the kind hearts of the citizens of this community.

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