Newspaper from Maquoketa, Iowa

Friday, October 31, 1919

Make A Choice of an Orphan
Twelve Bright Faced Children Craving a Mother and Father’s Love, to be Here Friday

Five hundred circular letters have been sent out during the past few days to citizens of this community announcing that a number of orphans from New York will be at the Congregational church next Friday afternoon, from which place they will be distributed to homes which have made application for a child.  Be certain to be present at that time.

A letter from Miss C.B. Comstock of Des Moines, who will accompany the children states that these children come from the best orphanages in and around New York and have been diligently trained and selected with care to fit  the new family life into which they are to enter.  If a mistake has been made in the choice, or for any reason the child be not satisfactory, the society bears the trouble and expense of its return.

In all there will be twelve children ranging in age from ten months to thirteen years.  Their names as furnished by Miss Comstock are as follows:

Helen Martin, 8 years; David Monson, 12 years; Ethel Monson, 11 years; Wellington Zanginger, 2 years; William Nelson, 8 years; Milton Cook, 4 years; Frank Hunt, 3 years; Dorothy Ritchie, 10 months; Edward Aikier, 10 years; John Carlson, 11 years; Emil Zeising, 13 years; James McConnell, 11 years.

If you apply for a child you should be prepared to satisfy the Society that you will furnish the comforts of home, that you will treat the little one as a real member of your family by taking the place of father and mother to him as nearly as possible, that you will give him the education and moral training that will fit him to take a respectable self supporting place in the community.

The local committee appointed some time ago by Miss Comstock is as follows: A.L. Cook; Dr. F.V. Johnson; Judge A.J. House; L.T. Martensen; Dr. J.G. Morgan; A.C. McKinsey; and G.H. McClellan.  These gentlemen are requested to be present at this time and it is necessary to have the committee’s endorsement when taking one of these children.

Remember that everybody is welcome to call at the church at the above mentioned time, see the little ones, and if you watn to do some real good in the world, make application for one of them.

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