Bonham, Texas – November 19, 1898


They all got homes and just as many more could have been accommodated easily.

Yesterday was distribution day for the orphans brought here from New York.  There was a meeting at the court house and the allotment of homes for the boys whose mothers and fathers have passed away took place.  It was a scene to touch the heart of those who love their fellow man.  There were good looking boys, handsome boys, and smart boys, all waiting for homes.  Willing and anxious hearts and hands were there to take them and share their all with them through life.  After each and every one had gotten his home, there were plenty of good people left who wanted boys to take home and feed, clothe and educate for further usefulness, whereas, had they been left to their fate in the great city of New York, they probably would have gone to the bad.

Agent R.N. Brace and Attorney Frederick King were on hand to represent the Children’s Aid of New York the latter making an address.  These gentleman are performing their work nobly and all praise them in their chosen occupation.

Following are the names of the boys and who took them:

Chas. Smith with W.A. Ferguson, Rayenna

Geo. Bracken with Howard Sawyer, Bonham

John Dibley with W.A. Thomas, Randolph

Harry Deaulin with H.L. Tarpley, Bonham

Harrold & Willie Hudson with Dr. R.E. Martin, Bonham

John Hudson-Prof. C.T. Carlton, Bonham

Frank Mathews with D.E. Moore, Hall

Bancroft Waddell, J.M. Nevill, Gober

Jacob Fatzer with J.S. Bray, Lannius

Fred Russell with J.B. Thorne, Bonham

Leonard Little with J.H. Henslee, Wolf City

James O’Carne with J.W. Groen, Gober

Frand Harrison with F.B. Davis, Ivanhoe

Grant Zaarnallan with J.W. Groen(?), Gober

Derek(?) Holliday with John(?), Wolfe City

(?) Balley with J.F. Lewis, Bonham

Harry Currie with J.I. Hodges, Hector(?)

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