• Sumo

Dawna Alsabrook

Dawna’s presentations in honor of her father and his siblings focus on their history and their stories. Currently she does not charge for the presentations.

Dawna does not ask for a fee.

813 Water View Dr.
Mansfield, TX 76063

Dorothy Lund Nelson

Dorothy is the author of Orphan Train Rider Burke’s Journeys, and is available to tell the stories of America’s lost history.  She shares the experiences of the orphan train riders as they found their new homes, through the use of videos, slides, role-play, and costumes, Dorothy’s program becomes a living experience for the participants.  Program length is one hour.  She prefers a group of 100 or less so that she can interact with her listeners.

Dorothy does not ask for mileage or lodging, but does charge a fee.

Presents December – March.

Dorothy uses her computer, slideshow, film clips, music, and costumes to tell the story.  All she needs is a projection screen, 6 foot table or card table, and chairs for the participants.

205-So. Stewart Rd #327
Mission, TX  75872