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Judy Hill

Board Member, National Orphan Train Complex


Roger Staley

Roger’s mother Ethel M Barney Staley rode the Orphan Train in 1904 to Dunlap, IA, along with three siblings, the oldest @ 9 years and the youngest @ 20 months.  They came from Cold Brook, NY to the Children’s Aid Society in New York City and then took the train ride to Dunlap, IA.

Roger and his two daughters, Serena Staley Price and Erica Staley Sims, live in the Kansas City area and each is experienced in presenting their story of the Orphan Train.  There is no charge involved in these presentations.  Overnight travel may be considered.

The presentation can be from ½ hour up to a full hour and can be facilitated using either power point or pictures and handouts. The presentation covers the Barney family, the people who initiated the Orphan Train concept, the Orphanage, the train ride and the placement process.  The presentation closes with a time for questions.


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Susan Sutton

Board President, National Orphan Train Complex


Shaley K. George

Curator, National Orphan Train Complex