• Sumo
Adopt-a-Day at the National Orphan Train Complex to honor your loved ones in a unique manner—in a unique place!  Did you know that it costs $110 just to open the door on the Complex everyday?
This includes utilities, insurance, maintenance, and salary for our curator. It doesn’t include any exhibit updates or enhancements. NOTC receives no federal or state funds and operational grants do not exist.
Recognize the birthday of your Rider (or any other special person), your anniversary, or a Rider’s departure date. Names will be recognized on the special date in the Orphan Train Museum and on the NOTC website. This is another great way to keep your Rider’s name and memory alive!

I would like to:
Adopt Date(s):________________

I would like to:

Adopt one day for $110 _____________
Adopt one week for $550 _____________
Adopt one month for $2200 _____________
Adopt one year for $26,500 _____________
Please honor: ___________________________
My name ______________________________